pilipinas landscape

pilipinas landscape

Monday, July 6, 2015

Week 53

Hey family and friends,

Well this week was good. We got a ton of rain and in the area where we are, and it is the start of the planting of rice which is interesting to see as I see miles of flooded fields as they plant the rice. It reminds me of my job everyday of planting the seeds of the gospel in the hearts of the people here. It is interesting how many receive the word in their hearts but then fail to nurture it and it withers away and dies. That is always sad to see happen, but over all the people here are so humble and willing to listen to us and very rarely show any disrespect to us. Unlike most areas of the world, we are very fortunate that people do not yell at us or slam doors in our faces. I can't recall once of anything like that happening to us. It is just not the nature of the people here. The only problem is it sometimes makes it hard to know who is genuinely interested and those that just want to be entertained by two Americans. 
We did have a crazy thing happen last night, someone broke into our house! They broke the dead bolt on our back door and stole my money for the month which was about $150 and our portable d.v.d player that the mission gave us to watch instructional videos. It was a bit of a shock! We had the "police" come but the thieves were long gone, I guess they jumped over the wall and then kicked our door open. We are safe and nothing was stolen that can't be replaced so it is all okay.
I actually feel the worst for those people who felt desperate enough to steal from us. I just feel bad at the misery that their consequences will bring to them. It really reminds me of what is really important and that as we seek the kingdom of God we will receive much more than anything we could buy here on earth.
Love you all! 
Light will prevail!

A tasty lunch of crickets with soy sauce! 

                             Burning my shirt for my one year mark!

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