pilipinas landscape

pilipinas landscape

Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 54

Hey family and friends. 
I had a great week this week and as I have said many times, I wouldn't want to be doing anything else.:)
This week was a great week for our investigators, and we met with and taught this really neat man named Rudy. I had talked to this man in months previous and opened my mouth to share the gospel with him. He was a bit reluctant because he said he had his own religion but he invited us in to teach him. Although he told us no promises that he would change his religion. As we started teaching him the spirit filled the room  and his heart began to become more open to the gospel. He accepted the invitation to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. Sadly for two months we lost contact with this man. I was a bit disappointed. But, this week after a bit of hesitation I felt prompted to return to him. When he came out of his house he was really happy to see us and welcomed us in to teach him. He felt the spirit testify to him of the truthfulness of our message and particularly the Book of Mormon. Before we had the chance to challenge him to be baptized he told us "Elders if this book is true, I want to be baptized because I have never felt so happy and at peace than I do right now."
My companion and I just looked at each other with amazement.. I looked brother Rudy in the eye and said: " Brother it is true, and you can know this truth for yourself." This brother has now committed to live the word of wisdom and came to church for the first time yesterday. I believe it was because of the power of the Book of Mormon in his conversion that changed his heart and allowed him to accept the truthfulness of the gospel. I know the Book of Mormon is true. I encourage all of you to read it, to renew your own testimony of its truthfulness. I know that as we use it in our families it will bring us closer to our Savior Jesus Christ. For any who may be reading this letter that has not yet sincerely read and prayed about the Book of Mormon, I plead with you to try the virtue of the word of God. It has power even greater than the sword or any other thing. I know that as you you read it, it will change your life in ways that are indescribable. I know that because I have been trying to study and live the words of the prophets in the Book of Mormon.
 I love you all! I am grateful for all you do and the great influence you have all had on me in my life.
I pray for you and know that you are in the Lord's hands!

Sorry I didn't have time to edit it because they have now cut our computer time from two hours to one hour.
I love you all. Until next week. 

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