pilipinas landscape

pilipinas landscape

Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 50

Hello Everybody,
I happy to write you all this morning and share the great things about being a missionary with all of you.
This week was great with my new companion, like I shared last week he is from Idaho and is the biggest goof ball which is probably really good for me to loosen me up a little bit. Anyway, we have a lot of fun and are working really hard. The Lord is really blessing us and we have seen a lot of new investigators this week as well as more help from our branch.
We had this lady randomly come up to us a few weeks ago and told us that she was going to church. We talked to her for a while and she said her name was Beth. At first we were not quite sure of her sincerity but we hoped that she would go to church and scheduled an appointment to teach her. To our surprised she not only came to church but she came an hour early and was there before we got there. After the meeting she asked us what she needed to do to become a member of this church, she said, "I just feel a peace of mind whenever I come here!" She has now been to church 3 times and is scheduled for baptism in July. Last week a less active member told us that sister Beth came to her house and invited this less active family to go to church with her. Man it is so true that God is preparing people to hear the gospel, for that I am humbled and ever grateful.
We are still teaching the deaf investigator that I mentioned a few weeks ago. He is progressing and it is amazing the way we are able to communicate with this man. I can feel his strong spirit and know that God loves him as much as he loves you and I. As we have approached the situation with faith that we would be able to communicate with him and teach him the gospel, it has been amazing how every time God has provided a way for us to teach him. Even though he cannot read, write, speak, and doesn't know American Sign language, we are by ways I do not fully understand able to communicate with him though pictures, made up signs and a family member who helps interpret.
I have learned something that is perhaps the way we have power to do things beyond our own power: God is merciful to us as we are humble, recognize our constant need for Him and his help and have complete faith and trust that he will bless us and guide us as we continue to do all we can do.
I am learning that as much as I have perfect love for these people and have pure intentions to help these people come unto Christ, my fears will disappear and I will be able to act and speak by authority from God. In any teaching position if we are more concerned about their needs and not what we are going to say we will be come instruments in the Lords hands. Our fear can turn to faith through our perfect love. I am learning and trying to apply the wonderful principle that perfect love casteth out fear. (Moroni 8)( 1 John 4)
As I have expressed many times in my letters, I love being a missionary! This is true, I wouldn't want to be any where else in the world doing anything else. I encourage anyone who is able to serve a mission, both couples and younger generations.
I love you all,

PS. Our mission president, President Clark has asked us missionaries to ask if any senior couples are considering to serve a mission. If you know anybody our would like to serve here in the Philippines Angeles mission. ( the best mission ever :) ) then you can contact me and I will get you in contact with our mission president. thank you.

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