pilipinas landscape

pilipinas landscape

Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 51!

Hey Everyone,

Well I just a second ago as I typed "week 51" it kind of hit me that I have lived here in the Philippines for just a little under a year! Man has time gone to fast. To say that this year has been an adventure would be a big understatement as I have learned so much, experienced the beautiful culture and people here and I have grown in my testimony and my dedication to serve our Lord and Savior. 
I have made an attempt to be overall very positive in my emails and I hope that I haven't given you the wrong idea that my mission has been easy, it has definitely been the most difficult thing I have ever done in my life, but man does all the hard stuff make it even more rewarding. Some of the experiences that I have tried to omit in my emails range from being chased by angry stray dogs nipping at our heels, falling off moving motorcycles, the never ending heat, being lied to several times a day, tough companions, Montezuma revenge and of course the cutting disappointment that comes when an investigator you have grown to love has decided to quite investigating the church.  The purpose of sharing all this is not for pity but to help you understand that all this stuff is part of the missionary experience and has made the sweetest parts of the work that much sweeter! I now have more fully some to understand that with out the bad we wouldn't really appreciate the good of life.

We are finding more and more prepared souls and it has increased my faith in knowing that this work is real, I am blessed to be instrument in this work and a wonder for the salvation of many souls. I absolutely love the Filipinos. They are the most hospitable people and happily allow strangers into their house and to eat at their tables. They for the most part love Jesus Christ. They are humble and have good hearts. They have their weaknesses and flaws but they are the most sincere and real people I have ever known. I thank God everyday that I have been blessed to serve here in the Philippines, God loves his people here and is mindful of them.

 Rohelyo our deaf investigator is progressing to his baptism next month and it made me marvel at his faith to see him walk to church by himself even thought he doesn't really understand anything at church. He was there even though his brother who is a member didn't attend. I have been amazed at the ways the Lord has prepared so that we are able to communicate with him. It has definitely been a miracle.

Last Wednesday we had Elder Bowen of the Seventy visit our mission, he shared a insightful equation for miracles in our life.

Obedience+Works(faith)= MIRACLES! I know that is true. I have seen miracle in my mission and in my life. 

I know that as we are obedient, work and have faith,

God will be merciful to us and bless us more than we can receive it.

Love you all!

Go and conquer!


Pictures: the surroundings I see everyday

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