pilipinas landscape

pilipinas landscape

Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 32- Rat wars

Hey Family and friends!

I hope you are all enjoying the nice weather in the states cause it is SO hot right now here in the Philippines! We are right in the middle of our dry season and it hasn't rained all transfer! I am getting a really nice tan though, sure you are all jealous of it! It's really funny to see the reaction of Filipinos when I tell them that in America we pay money to become tan, here they spend a lot of money on lotions and soaps to make their skin more white. It really shows that we want what we don't have :)
So as you have heard we have an on going battle with rats in our apartment. It has been gross, but on the brighter side it is kind of funny in some ways. One day this week, I woke up to rats again, but this time it was in between the screen and the window right next to my bed. It managed to chew a hole in the screen and was trying to get out of our apartment. It was so big, almost as big as a cat. My awesome Filipino companion took my flip flop and just started hitting the rat. Man those things are tough, it didn't do much but after about 15 minutes of smacking the poor creature we managed to kill it and put in a plastic sack out for the stray dogs. Sorry for the graphic details hahaha.:) We also have been putting poison in our apartment to kill them and it has been really effective, as the smell of decaying rats has been lingering in our apartment. All is well, I haven't seen a live one since! :) But I occasionally hear them crawling above the ceiling.
Enough about rats, I am excited to tell you all about the good stuff that is happening in our awesome area!
 We are teaching a young couple whose names are John Rey and Roda. They are so awesome and are so hungry for the truth. Every time that we teach them they have so many questions and read the Book of Mormon assignments, their faith is amazing and they recognize the Holy Ghost teaching them the truth. 
The best part about it all is the amazing support of the members especially in fellowshipping and helping them feel welcome at church.
That is honestly one great talent of Filipinos, being a friendly and kind people. I really appreciate how much love fills the sacrament hall. It may be really noisy, with people talking and children running around, and we may start 25 minutes late, but the spirit is there because of the goodness of the people.  The greatest part is the investigators feel welcome which is honestly most important. 
I am so glad that I have the opportunity to learn from a happy, kind, and selfless culture and for the wonderful people I have to work with. God is blessing us with great and prepared investigators and I know that he loves each of them dearly as he loves each of us. 
I know that the Savior is Jesus Christ and he is the Son of God. I know that the Book of Mormon is from our loving Heavenly Father. He really loves us and knows our needs, I pray for all of you!
tandaan mahal kita!

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