pilipinas landscape

pilipinas landscape

Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 30

Hey Everybody

I am so excited to email you this week as there is a lot of really great things happening right now in my mission! We are doing so well here in Padapada and have been continuing preparing Jr for his baptism on Saturday. I am really excited for him and his wife as he will be baptized on Valentines day and will be able to be sealed together in the Manila temple just next year! I cannot with hold my joy for them and the change that I have seen in both of them!
We also this week actually found a wonderful family that has great potential. It was pretty cool how we were guided by the Lord to this family. 
We were just walking along the highway when a van pulled over to pick us up, They were members that were traveling home from the temple. We were relatively close to our appointment but we decided to get in anyway because the couple was so nice. We got in an got talking to them and missed the road we were supposed to take and so we had them pull over and we walked back the rest of the way. As we were walking back to where we should have gotten out of the van I saw a house, We felt like we should try and OYM the house and so we did. When the man opened the door he told us that he was a member but hadn't been to church for many years. His wife wasn't a member and he had 4 kids. They have been really receptive and accepted an invitation to be baptized! It is such an amazing feeling as a missionary to invite someone to follow Jesus Christ though baptism! It feels me with joy to see these people become converted to the true Gospel of Christ. I myself the past few weeks have seen great joy in my life as I have been learning and becoming more converted to the Gospel.
I am learning what really matters and what my priorities are. On my mission I have been discovering who I really am and what God wants me to become. As I have said in past letters it has not been a walk in the park. But it has been in every sense worth it! All the hard stuff so far, the rejection, learning a hard language, adjusting to mission life and the culture has been all worth it for me because the worth of these souls are so great in the sight of God.
I know that each of us our divine sons and daughters of God! We each are of great worth to our Father and Jesus Christ.
I love the experiences that I am having and the joy I have felt. I know that this work we are doing as missionaries both full time and member missionaries is indeed the work of salvation.
I love you all so much and challenge each of you to go out and rescue the one, We are his children and we will have his help, if we ask! 
You all have a great week!
nagdadasal ko sa inyo palagi!  ;)
Mahal kita


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