pilipinas landscape

pilipinas landscape

Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 28

Hello Family!

I sure hope that you all have a great week! 
Lately things have honestly been pretty slow with finding those that are prepared to receive the gospel, but that is not slowing us down in our efforts to find! We are determined to find those that are ready to receive the fullness of the Gospel, Our message is the best thing they will ever hear their whole life, so why be selective on who we share it with? I won't stop until everybody has heard it! :) 
This week was pretty great as we have been having a lot better support of our members which is really great! Two weeks ago I gave a fireside to our ward under the direction of the bishop about working with the missionaries. It was really successful and it is really been fun to see the fruits of it. We have gotten a lot more referrals and have been able to have more people work with us which is so crucial! I am so grateful for member who are excited about the gospel and are willing to serve along side the missionaries. 
It is so cool to see the ward function so well here, the bishop is amazing and the ward members serve each other so sincerely, that is one thing that I really admire about Filipinos is how they are serve with their hearts and are very kind and loving. 
It is so  powerful when we have a member to work with us and to see the difference that it truly makes. I encourage each of you to find someone to refer to the missionaries! You can do it and you will be so blessed as you share the gospel with others! Even when we live in places where it seems like everyone has heard the gospel! I promise you that God will put people in our paths if we are willing and prepared to receive them! I want all of you to know that each and everyone of us makes a difference! God has given us our own individual missions and has equipped us with the talents to fulfill them!
 Sometimes it is hard to press forward , but there is one thing that can always can keep us going, God loves and because he loves us he is aware of our needs! He will not abandon us and nether will His Son, Because he has engraven us on the palms of his hands! Trials make us who he wants us to be.I know that the gospel is true way! Jesus Christ is the source of all hope and all peace and that God will never abandon us. 

I love you always!


Teaching to every creature!

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