pilipinas landscape

pilipinas landscape

Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 26:

Hello Everybody!

I am so glad that you all had such a great New Year! I am so grateful for this time to start new and re-evaluate my growth as an individual and as a missionary at the start of this new year! I personally hope for each of you a great new year full of spiritual growth. 
Lately we have seen a lot of great things here! We have continued to find a lot of new investigators to add to our teaching pool and have rejoiced as we have found those elect chosen that have chosen for themselves to keep the commitments we extend to them.
One thing I am really learning about in the mission is the importance of agency. They have to choose the gospel for themselves in order for it to mean anything in the long run! 
We have some incredible examples of this in our area!
There is this wonderful older lady in the ward that has no money for transportation but walks a good 3 miles to church every week! 
Another simple example is Sis. Tesi one of our investigators. Her husband is against the church and won't even talk to us but she is strong in her testimony and still is working towards her baptism. I think it is amazing when we use our agency correctly the strength we gain though the enabling power of the atonement!
This years theme for the mission is Real Growth. I know that each of us can reach real growth in our progression to meet God as we embrace the atonement in our lives and let Him change us everyday. 
I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world! I know that through Him we can reach our full potential if we are humble and rely on His grace.
I have seen real growth in my investigators and it is exciting to see them grow! I have also seen growth in the area and the members in the short time I have been here and it is amazing! I know that it is important for us all to grow and to strengthen each other as we all are on different parts of the path of life. 
Thank your for all your love and all your support! I love you and pray for you!

sorry no pics this week :)


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