pilipinas landscape

pilipinas landscape

Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 27- Reassurance that he cares

Hey everybody!

This week was pretty great as I got a new companion! His name is Elder Bayani and he is really cool!! A funny thing is that his name in Tagalog means hero so everybody calls him Elder hero. He is really awesome and is an amazing gospel teacher so I am excited to learn from him!
This week although had its ups, also had quite a few times of rejection. I met this American man who was really rude and started ridiculing our believes and sneering at my testimony. It was really frustrating. I wanted to argue with him but then I had to catch myself and realize what I represented. We also had a disappointment with one of our really progressing investigators who told us she didn't want to be taught anymore. It was so hard as I knew that she knew it was true and that the spirit testified to her of the truthfulness of our message. It was so heart breaking to watch her use her agency in that way I really thought she would be baptized. I also met this lady who told us that she didn't understand why we walked all day in heat and tried to change what others believe, she said there is one God right? So why does it matter what church you belong to? She was pretty rude and refused to hear what we had to say it was not fun! I hate Satan just saying!
Although there was times of rejection, there also have been great times where I have seen the Lord's hand in things. One time we were looking for the house of a less active and we ran across a different house with a lady that had the first name of the lady we were looking for, we started talking to her son and found out he was a former investigator in a different area but moved away and lost contact with the missionaries. He was excited to see us and wanted us to teach him. It was a small miracle that was a great reassurance that God is there and he cares.
We also found a different family through miraculous means, we were just walking down the street and we saw this kid and he waved to us, so we went and said hi to him and he told us his Dad was sick so we asked if he would like a blessing. As we went into their little bamboo hut and met this family I felt the spirit hit me like a wave. We taught this little family and after the lesson the wife told us that she was a member and was baptized many years ago but hasn't gone to church for many years. We gave the father a blessing and left.  I felt peace and gratitude that He keeps sending us little tender mercies and lifting us up.
I know that He is watching over all of us. I know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. If we follow the example of Nephi when he was tied to the mast of his ship, as his wicked hard hearted brothers refused to repent, and thank the Lord always and not murmur to Him in our trials-- we will be blessed with peace and understanding that comes with trusting in his judgement more than our own worldly understanding. The atonement is real and is the power that which we can do all things!

I love you all! I pray for you everyday!

Mahal ko kayo!


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