pilipinas landscape

pilipinas landscape

Monday, December 29, 2014

WEEK 25: Planting seeds

Hey everyone!
I am excited to email you all today because I have a lot to tell you all! 
 This week was a great week full of Christmas miracles. Never before in my mission did we go through so many Restoration pamphlets in one week! I thank you all so much for your prayers in our finding efforts as I have felt them! 
 In Christmas Zone conference our mission president talked about the parable of the sowers and told us that we need to put out more "seeds" in our missionary efforts by talking to more people. I loved this idea as my area right now is totally farm land and rice fields. So we prayed and did all we could to talk to more people and ask more referrals and we got a lot of great success! We taught 10 new investigators this week! One of those 10 is amazing and is so prepared to receive the gospel.
One of my first days here in PadaPada we met this lady through an OYM(open your mouth). She was quick to agree to let us teach but was busy at the moment so we returned a week later. Her name is Tesi and she is in her mid 50s or so. She is so nice and from the moment I met her I could just see this light inside of her. It is hard to explain but I could just see good in her, even though I didn't know her. So in our first visit we taught her about the restoration and challenged her to be baptized, and she said yes! Not only that, but when we asked her to read the Book of Mormon she said of course she would (like it was obvious that is what she had to do!) It was so amazing to feel the strong spirit as she said in her prayer that she was grateful for the two servants of Lord that visited her. It was amazing to see how ready people are. We just have to keep planting those seeds, some will land on the wayside (which is always a bit heart breaking) but some will take root in fertile soil and grow to great activity in the church. The thing I learned this week is we will never will know the outcome until we open our mouths! 
We had another cool experience were I learned the importance of listening closely to the spirit. We were just walking home a few nights ago and we saw this little family sitting outside their little hut. I waved and smiled at them and we continued on our way. After a few steps I felt for some reason (Thanks to divine help) felt that we needed to return and talk to them. As I walked towards their house I didn't even have the chance to say a word before the father opened up their gate and said "come on in, share your message" I was shocked! I definitely was not complaining! It was a great lesson for me of listening to the spirit and I hope that this family continues to progress. The ironic thing is that the last name of the family is Espiritu or "spirit" in English! hahaha:)
I know that we all have the opportunity to plant seeds in the lives of others and in ourselves. In the way we act, the things we say and do. We are all sowers. What we give is what we get! "For that which ye do send out shall return unto you again" (Alma 41:15) I know that every moment counts and that we can do great things! I invite each of you this week to plant a seed! Share the gospel with those you love and those that need your love!
I love you all and pray for you! I am loving it here! I was born to serve in the Philippines! I have no doubt! You all have a great week and remember to go plant some seeds!


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