pilipinas landscape

pilipinas landscape

Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 91

Hello Family and Friends!

This week was one that was full of tender mercies and love, very appropriate I believe for this week as we celebrated Easter.

Clear back in January we met Elvie on a jeepney, she was a little bit familiar with the church because she met missionaries while she was working in Hong Kong and her husband was baptized many years ago. She was very excited and was really interested in having us go to her house and teach her the gospel. When we taught her it was very evident that she was prepared by the Lord and very ready for baptism and activity in the church, she even brought her husband to church with her and has made so many friends with church members. She is so smart and her testimony has grown so fast. But then just a few days before she was supposed to be baptized on March 5 she announced that she had to move to Manila for work and that she didn't know if she would be able to be baptized. 
I was shocked, I did not want to believe that that was happening. To make a short story short, we lost contact with her for 3 weeks, and although I didn't know how she was doing, I kept praying for her and hoping that she would come home so that she could be baptized. After trying to call her many times without her reply, last Sunday we got a call in the middle of sacrament meeting and it was Sister Elvie! She told us she was praying what she should do because she wanted badly to be baptized but she didn't even know where the church was in Manila and as she finished her prayer she looked up and there she saw two elders walking down the street! She called after them and asked where the church is and went with them to church. She then told us that because of the holiday she could get work off and be baptized this weekend! Yesterday she was confirmed and on Saturday she was baptized! It was a miracle for me. Heavenly Father really knows our needs and and is mindful of us, He listens to our prayers. He knows the people we teach, He knows their hearts. Elvie is so strong. One thing that I think was significant was that when Elvie called she told me that she had enough money to get to Bulaon but not enough to go back to Manila. I felt guided by the spirit as I felt inspired to tell her that if she came here to be baptized the Lord would provide a way for her to go back to manila. I know that the Lord is with us. He asks though that we sacrifice, but as we sacrifice we are given blessings more than we can imagine!

I believe in miracles, both big and small!
I pray for each of you and know that you are in the Lord's hands!

mahal ko kayo!

Elder Murdock

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