pilipinas landscape

pilipinas landscape

Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 90

Family and Friends!

I am so grateful for the chance to share my week with you!
So first I'd like to share a story that may make you smile or gag, I don't know...
We went on exchanges with the assistants to the president and while I was in their area they had a huge fiesta going on! Everyone was cooking to prepare for the following day.
As we were walking to a member's home we saw them huddled around the body of an animal. It was a dog. They were preparing it for their fiesta feast! Hahaha.... The dog just happened to be one that was really nice and would follow the missionaries as they worked around that neighborhood, so it was even a bigger shock to them when they found out that the dog they were going to cook was that one. :( hahaha  Yes they eat a lot of weird stuff here!
This week was really good! :) My companion and I are doing great work and seeing great things happen here in Bulaon!
Even in our zone! We have been blessed so much by our Heavenly Father and have been able to achieve our goals, our monthly goals for baptisms and confirmations and even exceed our goal for less active return! I can really feel the Lord with us, he is truly teaching us and serving with us.
So brother Michael one of our investigators I mentioned last week is doing so well! Every time we visit him I just see his countenance brighten. He is making a great change in his life. Yesterday at church he told us that he has lost the appetite to sins that he had struggled with in the past. He said it simply, "I don't want to be that kind of person anymore" That is what I believe real conversion is, the change not only of our actions, but the change of our hearts and our desires and appetites. As I think of Bro. Michael and also myself with all my short comings and sins, my thoughts turn to Jesus Christ 
as we know this coming week is Easter! One thing is true, Filipinos love what they call holy week. They celebrate the last week of the Savior's life in many interesting and diverse ways! (some people even get nailed to crosses)
Although there is a lot of chaos in it all, it is a prime time to share the gospel because so many people already are thinking of Jesus Christ. I love sharing my testimony that we know that Jesus Christ lives because He has shown Himself to a prophet in our day.
I know that Jesus truly paid for our sins and truly is the Son of God and the Redeemer of the world. He experienced all of our pains, all of our sorrows and paid for all of our sins.
Through Jesus Christ, we all can find new life!
One thing that I love about these special people in the Philippines is that except the rare occasion of meeting a Muslim, every person I meet knows that Jesus Christ is the Savior. I am grateful and humbled that I have the chance to carry His name and be His representative to these people.
I love you all,


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