pilipinas landscape

pilipinas landscape

Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 87

Hello Family,

I have so much to say but like always I am short on time! :)
We had a really great baptism this week, it was a really spirit filled baptismal service.
We had one of our other investigators attend the baptism and afterwards she told us that she was very excited for her baptism this week. Her name is Elvie and she is the sister I that wrote about that I talked to on a jeepney! We are praying that her less active husband will come to her baptismal service and that he feels the Holy Ghost and that it will be the start of his return back into full activity.
Another sister we are teaching came to church for the first time! She is active in her church and the time for church is the same. She has taken huge leaps of faith and knows that the Book of Mormon is true. The concerns that she has is that she is afraid of leaving her church and is afraid of what others will think of her. But I am confident that she will make the right choice! She told us that she will be baptized but she cannot yet commit to a date. I just have gratitude in my heart, I have seen the spirit soften her heart a little at a time. I ask that you pray for her.
The last cool thing that has happened here in Bulaon is that last week we started a new branch in a area that is remote to the chapel. The area is called Northville and has about 100 members that live there but are less active. We had our first Sacrament meeting there last week in a little one room store house. I was honored to be the first speaker. As I spoke I felt the Holy Ghost so strong regardless of the noise outside the store.
I know that this is how our church was reorganized in our day, little stores and houses were the first meeting places of our members. The spirit filled the room and I remembered the promise written in the New Testament: "When two or three are gathered in my name, there shall I be in the midst of them"  Our little branch of 30 or so, I believe will someday grow into a ward. This is the start of great things!

I love you all my brothers sisters and friends!
I love your emails.
Mahal ko kayo,


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