pilipinas landscape

pilipinas landscape

Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 84

Hello Family. This week was so great!
We had miracles happen this week when it comes to finding those people who the Lord has prepared for us. In this area I have seen a lot more diversity of people and have seen a lot more rejection than I have my whole mission. At the same time we have see great things happen as we have kept pressing forward.
Two weeks ago we met a lady on a jeepney. She immediately identified us as missionaries and wanted us to teach her. She had been taught by missionaries before. She was so excited to be taught and told us that her husband was a member but had been inactive for 20+ years. As we taught Sister Elvie and Bro.Fred as a couple you could just see that they felt the spirit and they want to know more. Sister Elvie just asks so many questions and they both just radiate with light. We have had the members help us as we are working to help Fred return to activity and Elvie be baptized this March! We are so excited for their progress and the great things that we are seeing here. The work is moving forward.
I am grateful I am apart of the work here in this mission.
Our Zone is doing well. I have loved learning to be a more Christ-like servant and leader to these missionaries. I have really started to see them more like Heavenly Father sees them. It is very rewarding being a leader, even when it is stressful and has hard experiences. I pray for you all, and ask for you to pray for the people here.



  1. Jordan Christensen wants to know what Elder Murdock eats on his mission.

    1. I will have to show Jordan some pictures! Tyler loves food and is willing to try new things. He is braver then I would be!