pilipinas landscape

pilipinas landscape

Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 61

Hey Family

Loved your emails! So this week was transfer week and it was crazy! I was
almost certain we would stay but I was shocked Elder Quilicot
transferred and they put me with a new "trainee" who is a visa waiter
assigned in India. He is American and is from Missouri. His name is
Elder Aldridge and he is really nice, but doesn't speak a lick of
Tagalog so I get to translate. I have experienced the gift of tongues
and gift of translation of tongues and it has been amazing! We are
still receiving so much help and it makes me be filled with joy to see
the great work happening here.
I am learning about patience with my new companion. He is really nice
and I like him, it is just hard that he doesn't speak Tagalog. It has
been a lesson that I have been really happy to learn and know that is
part of the reason that we are together.
One thing I have noticed is how Filipino I actually have become. It is
funny. He told me I speak with an accent and sometimes he doesn't know
what I am saying. But it is fun. He is picking up the language and I
am teaching him as best I can.
Peter and Rachel are still progressing towards baptism on Sept. 26! I
am super excited for them. They invited their younger brother and
sister to church and we taught them as well.  They have a great
chance of choosing to be baptized as well!

I love it here! My mission is going too fast and it really kind of
scares me! I love this work. I challenge each of you to share you
light and find one friend or family member as a referral to give to the
missionaries! I know we can make a big difference in others lives. It
says in Preach my gospel "remember you can help someone the most by
sharing with them the restored gospel!"

Love you all! Mahal ko kayo!

enclosed are pictures of the ocean I promised


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