pilipinas landscape

pilipinas landscape

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week 58

Hey Family and Friends!

Man this week was such an adventure! On Thursday we got a call from the assistants to the president, they told us that I would be unexpectedly be transferring to a different area and that I would finish training a elder. I was really surprised. I asked if I could go to the baptism of Rogelyo and they approved. I was able to attend his baptism and it was so wonderful! The spirit was super strong. I really grew to love him and others that we were teaching so it was super hard for me to leave but I know that for some reason I am needed here. I left to my new area right after the baptism, so it was a really great way to end my stay in Paco Roman. I will really miss the wonderful people there. It was really hard to say goodbye to Paulino and Ann and Rogelyo and my companion Elder McBride and others that I have gotten so close to. I know we will meet again someday.
My new area is Gabaldon and it is really close to the ocean, it is so beautiful! We also are surrounded by huge mountains. It is paradise! 
Going to church my new area was great, the branch is super strong, a lot of people work with us which is great. My companion is really great too, Elder Quilicot from Vasayas and Tagalog is his second language too and he doesn't speak English so it is fun. He has good desires and wants to do what is right. I am humbled that I was chosen to fulfill this assignment.
It will not be easy, but I know that when we humbly take any assignment given to us, we will not stand alone, our Savior will be with us and will take us by the hand and make us equal to the task! I know that I can do what the Lord needs me to do. I learned that lesson while teaching Rogelyo, if we have Faith, Hope and Charity we can do all that He asks of us!

I love you all so much! Even though I am far from you I feel your love and your prayers and know that soon we will all be together.

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