pilipinas landscape

pilipinas landscape

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Week 42

Hey Family,

Elder Taimani and I are so grateful that the rice harvest is all most over and that we have had the chance to teach a lot more people! 

It is amazing to see people make changes in there life little by little as they prepare for their baptism.
We have been teaching this older man for about 3 months. He is the coolest old man and has the hugest desire to be baptized, he really wants it but has been struggling to keep the word of wisdom.  It has been really a struggle for him and we have been on our knees a lot for him in prayer. Little by little we have seen him change from a sad old little man to now where he is glowing with the spirit. He has had a really hard life and his wife left him a few months ago. He has used cigarettes as a way to cope with his grief. On Saturday as we taught him about the Savior and how we can be cleansed from sin, he just started crying. We taught him the time before about fasting and he said that he had fasted for his wife and prayed for her, He told us that he had forgiven her for leaving him and in his words in broken English said "I gave her repentance" I thought this was profound.  How many times to we hold grudges and refuse to let others change and repent. How often do we think, oh they will never change and refuse to forgive them. As we are merciful I know that we too will receive mercy.
This week I hope that we will all choose to give someone the chance to repent and forgive those that have wronged us. As we do this I know we will feel free from the pain we feel through the Atonement!
I love you all

Thanks again for the birthday wishes!

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