pilipinas landscape

pilipinas landscape

Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 44

Hey Family,

This week was really great. The work has been moving forward as we have received a lot of referrals that have been really helping us increase the amount of our progressing investigators. Elder Taimani my companion and I have been working hard trying to prepare our investigators for their baptisms!
Right now we are working with the Reneses family, the Elcantara family, Esposa family, and tatay Paulino who are all working toward there baptisms in June. It is so wonderful to see the light that comes with them as they come to remember who they are and their divine potential. It is hard for me to adequately explain it, but it is so interesting and fills me with satisfaction. I can just feel the change that happens from the first time that I meet with them until little by little their light just grows brighter, little by little, gradually like a sunrise a new light comes upon them and they experience the fruit that is "sweet above all things that are sweet". I truly have come to understand the worth of a soul as I have served here in Paco Roman branch.
Satan definitely knows the power that comes with knowing who we are, that is why he goes at so great lengths to discourage us and tells us lies that degrade our self worth. He knows that if we forget that we are sons and daughters of God, that it will make his work very easy. Satan even used this tactic on our Savior after fasting for 40 days and later on the cross, saying "IF you be the Son of God".
We must always remember who we are, we are sons and daughters of God! We have potential to become like Him. Each of us are precious and special to Him.
I know that truth will prevail! To quote my grandpa Forbush, "Satan my win a few battles but he will not win the war!" Nothing can stop the Lord's work! I love what I am doing and feel little assurances everyday that there is nothing better I could be doing at this time.
I invite you all to ponder and always remember who you are and "Rise to the divinity within you". I love you all and pray for you always. 
Have a great week! More will come next week :)
This is me with my coconut tree that I am growing!

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