pilipinas landscape

pilipinas landscape

Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 36

Elder Murdock didn't send a main letter this time, so I am posting a portion of the letter he sent to me.  Sounds like he is doing great! --Proud Missionary Mom

So first off this week was really great, I love my companion! He is really awesome and obedient and caring which is really a nice refreshing new change. He is really great and I am able to help him with is Tagalog. 
It also has been really great to see my Tagalog accelerate and improve according to my diligence. I have really seen the gift of tongues. Anyway we set some goals this week for the month of April and we both agreed on  7 baptisms and confirmations. I really want to accomplish this goal and lately we are having a few set backs. We really need miracles to happen for us to reach this goal. We are doing everything we can and are trying to trust that if it is the Lord's will he will provide the assistance necessary. Any who if you would like to pray for us that we will be able to reach our goal that would be awesome.

One thing I am doing this week is trying to develop the attribute of hope. It is a very significant attribute as it is considered separate from faith and one of the 3 greatest. One thing I struggle with is not worrying about things that i can't control but doing all I can and leaving the rest up to God. For me this is SO hard. I want so desperately to reach our goal and baptize and rescue everyone here in our area, I want things to happen the way that I think they should. I am trying to swallow my will to the will of the Father (Mosiah 17:5) It is hard and takes swallowing some pride but It definitely is much healthier than spending wasted energy of things I can't control. Anyway ya, I learned how important hope is this week. I read something that had the analogy of a bird that lands on a slim branch on the top of a tree, the branch bends but the bird sings because it knows that it has wings. Each of us have wings, Our Savior won't let us fall. This analogy really affected me this week, I pondered it pretty much all week.

 I kind of missed you guys this week! Not homesick just wishing I could spend some time with my family. Can you believe how fast my mission is going? It has been 8 months! So fast. Too fast

Love you,


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