pilipinas landscape

pilipinas landscape

Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 93

Hello Family and Friends!

What a great week!

As I look at the subject line I realize how fast time really is going, as the hymn goes "The time is far spent, there is little remaining." Never before in my mission have those lines rung more true to me at this time. It makes me feel a little sad as I know even now that I will miss this great culture, place, the food but mostly the people especially the cute smiling faces of the Filipino children.
On the other hand It is funny as I have realized some things that I have forgotten about and even miss, Like country music (who knew I would miss that right?) and soccer and tacos and fresh milk and such. But without a doubt I would not wish myself anywhere else. And recently I have learned to rejoice in every bagong gising, every new day the Lord has given me here in the Philippines to serve. No matter wherever we are each new day is a gift from our Heavenly Father.  Mahal ko ang Pilipinas! 

I loved conference this week!! Here in the Philippines because we are on the other side of the world we watch conference a week after all of you back in the states! 
I loved how the Sunday sessions talked so much about the temple.
One small miracle that happened surrounding conference here, happened with Bro. Michael our investigator who is getting baptized this week. 
Because of my mistake, Bro. Michael thought that we were going to pick him up to take him to the stake center in downtown Angeles city. When we got to the chapel, we learned that the members had offered to take him but he declined because he thought that we were going to pick him up. When I learned of this I felt awful, I thought it was my fault that he wasn't able to come to church. But about 20 minutes into conference we saw Bro. Michael walk into the stake center. When we didn't come to pick him up he paid the travel expenses to get to the stake center about 40 minutes way. I was so grateful and pleased with his faith as that is a big sacrifice for him. He has often told us of the financial problems their family is having with his wife  needing  frequent medical care. One thing I learned from this experience is that it really does no good to worry. As we remember who we are as children of God and follow our divine nature as His children by choosing obedience, "The harder right" as Prophet Thomas S. Monson declared in conference, we will be happy and everything will work out for our eternal benefit!

I want you to know that I love you all, You are my hero's! Thank you for your kind and generous support.

Mahal ko kayo,



Thank you Tito Monte and Tita Meagan and their family for the nice Easter package
also Lola Murdock for her thoughtful birthday card
and lastly Thank you Luke for your awesome letters and congratulations on your baptism!

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