pilipinas landscape

pilipinas landscape

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Week 82

Hello Family and Friends,

Things went well this week in Bulaon as we saw a lot of great work happen, especially with members. We have had members work with us more than ever before in my whole mission. Families who have been trusting us with their family and friends and have been doing missionary work. I have learned this week the power of member missionary work. This area is a lot different then my last area as most people are professionals here and live a lot more Americanized lives. It also means people have a little bit more of the American attitude of door to door salesmen and some mistakenly reject the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are finding a lot more success in members who give us referrals and then teach with us. It softens a lot of hearts! I am so grateful for the great members here. They are busy, but they find time to be missionaries. It is so rewarding to see them bring their friends to the gospel. One of the referrals we received is Jen she is a maid of one of our faithful member families. She was so prepared to be taught because of the great example of this family and she will be baptized next month. 
I invite you all to pray of who of your friends you should invite to learn about the gospel. You will be surprised and overjoyed when you learn that they have been unknowingly waiting for the gospel, waiting for you to invite them to partake of the fruit of the gospel. Missionary work will accelerate in your home ward as you do this!

love you all!  

PS. Sorry no pictures, my card got a virus and so lost the pictures I wanted to send you, sa susunod na lang!


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