pilipinas landscape

pilipinas landscape

Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 74

Hello Family and Friends

It sounds like you had a awesome Thanksgiving! I wish I could have tasted the delicious turkey and enjoy the pumpkin pie, but my Thanksgiving was great! Fortunately for me there was a fiesta here in Gabaldon on Friday and all the members in the Barangay or neighborhood cooked delicious Filipino food for us, like spagetti with sweet Filipino sauce and baruyas which are deep fried scones with a sweet mongo bean filling. Also there was delicious ube dishes and also biko which is a sweet dish made by sticky rice and coconut. As you can tell Filipinos like their sweets! hahaha. We were able to celebrate the fiesta at Martin's house which was really fun! We of course also had rice with one of my favorite ulam which is afritada! If you have any questions about any of this is just google it! hahaha.... 
We had a beautiful baptism onSaturday, Sister Jane was super ready and bore a beautiful testimony. The youngwomen in the branch sang "When I was baptized". The one that talks about the earth being clean by rain. It had special meaning because during the whole service it was raining. She was very excited to experience what Jesus Christ did as she was baptized in a river. 
One cool thing that she did even before her baptism was working on her personal progress. It was really neat as she has already memorized half of The Living Christ.
We are blessed so much in this area. I am excited to tell you next week about some of our other investigators and the miracles that are happening as they become converted to Jesus Christ.
The best compliment that I have ever received in my mission was during the baptismal service of Jane when she said that she loves her Savior and she is grateful to us for helping her know Him.
Words cannot explain the gratitude I have for this opportunity.

I love you all,


PS. Special thanks to Uncle Monte & Aunt Megan and their family for the awesome package and letters! You rock! I loved reading all the letters. You inspire me! :)

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