pilipinas landscape

pilipinas landscape

Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 67

Hello Family and Friends!

Man what a great week! This week was very eventful for us with a transfer, baptism, new companion, and conference!

On Wednesday I learned that I am training again! It was kind of a shock. I miss Elder Aldridge. We were really good friends and I learned so much from him. He really taught me how to be patient and enjoy the journey of mission life. Even though we were together for only a short time I really felt like it was so critical for my learning to be with him. 
So anyway, my new companion is Elder Dala. He is from Cagayan De Oro city Mindanao. He is fresh from the MTC and is very excited about being a missionary. He has really great potential and will be a great missionary, I can already see it in him. His first language is Cebuano which is hard because he is learning Tagalog as a second language too. He is the 6th missionary in his family and his Dad is the bishop in their ward. 
I have really enjoyed getting to know him and look forward to serving with him! :)

So I have to also tell you about the Martins wonderful baptism! 
It was so wonderful. Words cannot really describe the great wonderful feeling that accompanies watching a well prepared and converted family be baptized and confirmed! We were rejoicing and I am sure that many angels were rejoicing with us. The branch was very good at supporting the new family and many came to the baptismal service.
Both Bro and Sister Martin bore beautiful testimonies. Brother Martin shared his incredible story of how he knew the Book of Mormon was true. It was a witness to me that visions and revelation really do happen today. He told us that in a dream  the Savior told him the Book of Mormon was true and that he should read it all. WOW! Then right after I baptized Bro. Martin, their little two year old boy Francis ran up to me and gave me a big leg hug. It made me smile, and in my opinion he was in his own way saying thank you for bring his parents and him to the knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love this family so much, and I am so grateful for the great blessing the Lord has given me to teach them! It is hard to describe how I feel.
I learned at transfers that Rogehelyo and Paulino from my last area both received the Aaronic Priesthood and that Rogehelyo is passing the sacrament every week! :) 
The Lord is here in Gabaldon, and he is with each of us. I know that he will help each of us as we do what we can, and trust that he will make up for what we lack.

I loved conference! Man so much to learn.
Here is my ponderize verse for this week. D&C 19:23

Love you all so much

Mahal kita,

Elder Murdock

Martins baptism with me and  Elder Aldridge.

Me and my new companion Elder Dala.

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