pilipinas landscape

pilipinas landscape

Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 39

Hey Family!

Man. I loved Conference!!! I know you are probably wondering why I am giving old news but actually for me and the rest of the members here in the Philippines and this side of the world we watched conference this week because of the time difference. Man how lucky we are to have the knowledge of and be guided by LIVING apostles and prophets! For me it feels me with joy and gratitude! I woke up feeling this way and actually started to OYM (open your mouth) to the tricycle driver and tell him that we were going to the church to listen to a living prophet of God, he kind of just shrugged it off and started talking about other stuff wanting to avoid the topic. It made me a little sad to see that he was failing to "Hear the music of the Gospel" I know that the knowledge we have of the Restoration is true and that we really have living prophets on the earth, How amazing is that?
This week was a little hard still as we had a few of our investigators quit progressing or wanting to listen to us, nevertheless we have seen the hand of the Lord as we have done our best to invite others to come unto the Savior. 
All week we had seen things happen that had made us come to the haunting reality that we were not going to come close to our goal of 7 baptisms this month. At first I was a little discouraged, I wondered what I was doing wrong. We were trying to be obedient, we were trying to have faith, we were studying and doing all we could for our investigators. Why did this happen? Where did we go wrong? But as I did some praying and pondering I came to the realization that I need to humble myself and worry more about the people-- children of God, that I was teaching more than my goals and desires. I needed to put my pride and will away and love them and let the Lord do his work. I felt a little like I was giving my all and not getting anything from it. I think I was missing one of the most important and crucial part of missionary work true and Christ-like LOVE! I found out what was missing a Christ-like attitude. Man there is a lot to learn in the mission! That is one thing that never changes is that there is always something new to learn.
I still am loving my Tongan companion! He is so amazing and is teaching me a lot about service and that true Christ like love I was talking about.
On Saturday we went to teach our investigator named Rose. Rose is really amazing and loves the Book of Mormon and is really progressing. She has a goal to be baptized on the 18th of this month.
Before we could teach her she told us that she was moving back to Bulacan and that she doesn't want to be baptized anymore because there is no church there and she wants to return in a few years and get baptized. I was both shocked and a bit devastated because she was one of the two that we were planing on getting baptized this month. I had no idea why all this was happening. She told us also that she could come to church the next day so I had no idea what was going on. I told her to pray about it and that we would talk the next day. That night I talked to my Father in Heaven and asked him to change her heart and speak peace to her soul. 
In the morning we got a text that said that she was moving. which made me sad, I didn't know what was happening and felt a bit discouraged. As General Conference started we got a text that said she was going to church that morning! It was because of the awesome members in our branch who went to pick her up that morning. Later we taught her and she said that she decided just to take a vacation there and come back in a week and that she still wants to be baptized! It was a wonderful reassurance to me that the Lord can do his work. I am so grateful for her desires and the joy I have felt in helping her experience conversion.
I love you all so much! Have a wonderful week and read the Book of Mormon, everyday, everyday, everyday!!

Your Missionary and friend,


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