pilipinas landscape

pilipinas landscape

Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 38

Hey Everybody! 

This week was "Holy week" and was full of interesting tradition as here in the Philippines there is strong catholic roots. Especially on Friday night we saw a lot of really interesting things. Lots of candles and tents where people sing prayers and lots of statues and interesting depictions of the Savior. They also had real people carrying crosses and being nailed to crosses as what members have told me, but thank goodness I haven't seen any of that! :) 
 It was a neat experience but It was a little bit sad how there was nothing about the Resurrection. I know that Jesus Christ lives! I know that he lives not because I have seen him but because I have felt his influence in my life. He has always been there and has lifted me up out of spiritual sorrow and darkness. His power is what will allow each of us to overcome both Physical and Spiritual death.
I know that he is the Redeemer of the world. He is the Light and because of His Light we can find peace in a dark world.
I love you all very much and know that Because He lives we all can live again.

This week honestly was a testing one for me. We have had many disappointments this week. It seems very likely that we will be far from reaching our goal. We have many investigators that are making choices that make my heart sad as I know that they will not bring them happiness. We have been doing all we can but it seems like we are not getting anywhere.
I have been trying to strengthen my faith and have been studying faith this week. As I have been praying for the strength to be faithful I have received some great insight from the Holy Ghost through the Book of Mormon.
In the Book of Mormon it talks a lot about faith, I invite you all to look in the index and start reading and you will be surprised. It is really insightful.
As I started reading verse by verse I found a interesting pattern of word usage, many prophets in the Book of Mormon used words like: Perfect, Steadfast, Immovable, Firm, Unshaken, Everlasting, Unwavering, Rooted Faith in CHRIST. I know that He is the source of our faith and that we must have faith in Him no matter what happens. I know that as we root our  lives in his doctrine and become his disciples that we will truly be able to command in His name. (Jacob 5) I have by no means perfect faith and as I read these verses I realized that I need to have more faith no matter what happens or how my investigators chose to use their agency. I know that according to our Faith in Christ, he will perform miracles in our lives and the lives also of others!

mahal kita,


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