pilipinas landscape

pilipinas landscape

Monday, December 22, 2014

Week 24- first transfer

Hey Everybody!

It is so good to hear how all of you are spending the Christmas season! I love to hear all of your stories and know that God is proud of all of you that are sharing his gift to the world! Keep it up! :)
So here is the latest: I transferred!  I am now in Padapada, which is out in the country! Rice fields, cows, goats, carabao and not a lot of people. It is SO different than my last area which was a city. There is not much in my area other than our chapel and little bamboo and tin huts scattered across the countryside. The work here is also a lot slower here than in my last area. I guess you really don't know how well you have it until you experience the opposite. I am definitely going to miss my last area, especially my converts. It was pretty hard to leave but I know that I am needed here.  My companion is a Filipino and his name is Elder de Leon and I have two other Filipino roommates. They all are not that great at English so I am lucky that I will have a chance to improve my Tagalog.
This week was the first week ever in my mission we had no investigators at church. It was hard. There are so many challenges that I will have to overcome in this area: One, we have virtually no progressing investigators. Second, in this area there are two other languages Ilocano and Napampangan although most people speak Tagalog.  And last, trying to get the members more involved with the work. It is going to be hard, but on the bright side I am on the Lord's side and there is no fear when we do our best on the Lord's errand!
Another lesson I learned is about having courage to do what is right, even when others around you are not. Sometimes it is quite lonely to stand up for the right, people laugh at you, exclude you and reprehend you. But God knows our efforts and if proud of us as we are a light to others. We will feel the peace of discipleship as we follow Jesus Christ.
As for my area, If you all could pray for us that we may find those that are the pure in heart and are ready to receive the gospel and that the members will become excited to share the gospel with others. I love you all so much! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas full of peace and joy. For Jesus Christ is the Prince of Peace.
Mahal kita,


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