pilipinas landscape

pilipinas landscape

Monday, October 6, 2014


Hey family!

This week was good! I learned a lot and grew a lot from my challenges. We had some really cool and some what unusual experiences this week. First we taught a Joe! Here in the Philippines a Joe is a white guy. Many times I will be walking down the street and someone would yell "hey Joe!"Anyway, there was this guy here doing humanitarian work and he was from the UK. First of all this was a dream come true for me, at first! I got to speak English!!! I was so stoked!

 As we started the lesson on the Restoration the spirit was there, and it was amazing because I was able to answer his questions almost perfectly, This man had a lot of doubts and didn't even believe in God, I felt like I was teaching Korihor!:) It didn't matter how many inspired questions we
asked him or how many verses we read in the scriptures he was really hard hearted. It made me sad to think that he had forgotten who he was. The funny thing about it was that it was at first a little hard for me to teach in English, I kept saying things in Tagalog and he would just look at me with a blank look on his face. haha! I guess my Tagalog is better than I think it is! This experience really taught me why I am here in the Philippines. God needed me in a place where people are ready to receive the gospel and where people were humble and willing to learn of him. I learned that I was taking for granted the humble hearts of these people, The Filipino people are truly special children of God!

 Everyday I am learning to trust in him more, and to allow for him to make me a finer instrument. In Ether I am reading about how the Jaredites left all they knew and traveled in barges to the promised land. One thing I noticed is that that the barges had no windows! They didn't see where they were going but they trusted in God that he would lead them, even through hard times- it says that there were mountainous waves and the winds never stopped. But they never stopped praising their God day and night! It says in the scriptures that they were in the barges for 334 days! Wow, what faith they had! I am striving to have that faith in my Savior and let him guide me to my promised land!

The last thing I would like to share with you all is the power of a smile! Smiles are amazing, they can do amazing things and can lift the spirits! A smile speaks all languages and is a universal gesture of happiness and kindness. I am finding that when I smile genuinely at people on the street they usually smile back and it opens opportunities to share the gospel with them. I feel Christ's love when I smile at the wonderful people here.
I am grateful for the wonderful people here, they make it all worth it! I am excited for my first baptism this week! I feel the Saviors love everyday and know without a doubt that this work is real! I love you all so much! I am so grateful for your prayers! You are amazing examples to me! Don't forget that a great way of sharing your light is through a smile!
You all take care and remember that Christ is the only way for us to truly become happy!
mahal ko kayo!
Your pinoy Elder,


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