pilipinas landscape

pilipinas landscape

Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 15 Representatives of Him

Hey Pamilia!

This week was a fantastic week! First of all I had my first baptism! Which was so awesome! I got to baptize and it was a really neat experience and was a beautiful service! And of course it was conference which is always a treat! I just loved all of the wonderful talks! I learned so much and received a witness that those men that speak to us are men of God.
At the stake center they have two rooms that play conference, one for English and the chapel for Tagalog As I listened to the holy ghost I was prompted for one of the sessions to listen to it in Tagalog. This was a weird thought to me because I wanted to get the most out of conference possible. But as I sat quietly talking to a recent convert in my ward as we saw on the screen our wonderful prophet Thomas S. Monson. I had a peace come over me.  The stillness I felt was a reaffirming witness to me that Thomas S. Monson is a true prophet today for the whole world. As I listened to conference I was impressed at the testimony after testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ.
One thing I absolutely love about missionary work is when we are on the street talking to people, they look at my badge examining it closely looking at my name and then they look at the Saviors name. Sometimes when I introduce myself and point to my name tag they say Christ's name and I smile at them and say: yes we are representatives of Him. I am so humbled for that opportunity to bear his name and have been striving everyday to become like him and study his earthly ministry. It is not an easy but through the atonement it is possible! I love the scripture Ether 12:27 about weaknesses, but it only hit me this week the significance of the first line "If men come unto me." I never realized that the very act of coming unto him is when we see our weaknesses. But it is through him that we overcome them and become stronger.
I love my Savior! I have grown so much closer to him in the past few weeks. He invites us all to come unto him and follow in his footsteps. I know that as we do we will find a greater happiness and joy in our life as we embrace and accept his atonement.
I love you all so much and pray for you everyday! I am grateful for your prayers with the language and know that I am receiving help from angels. I invite you all to share the light of Christ you all have with those around you! Use the tools you have, such as the movie Meet the Mormons and invite your friends to partake of the joy you have felt. It will change not only their life, but yours as well!

Mahal ko kayo!


1st Baptism 

When it rains, it pours!

Elder Murdock with Natives in front of a Rice field

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