pilipinas landscape

pilipinas landscape

Friday, August 1, 2014

Week 5

Hey everybody!

This week was so great!  I went proselyting for the first time on Wednesday.  I went with an Elder Hart who started his mission around the same time as Brendon.  He was really awesome and patient with me and my Tagalog. We were going to have an appointment but it fell through so we went tracking in a really poor neighborhood.  I mean like the slums.  It was really humbling to see their living conditions, I have never seen such bad poverty.  The kids were so funny and always wanted high fives.  Everywhere I went, everyone stared and asked me how tall I was. Hahaha surprise, surprise!  Some even asked me to play basketball.  I guess basketball is big here.  It was so cool, and I am really excited to start proselyting everyday. We are so blessed.  In a devotional we were told a story about President Eyring coming here to set apart a Filipino mission president, and he said to him, "You're people will never have money, Heavenly Father loves his children here in the Philippines to much."  It is so true. The Philippines have more baptisms than any other Asian country, because of the humility of the people.  It reminds me of the story in Alma 32 about the poor Zoramites and how they were compelled to be humble. If we do our best to be humble out of our own will and not just our circumstance, then God will bless us greatly!  I know that, and have seen blessings as I have showed God that I am willing to change.
I have learned so much about being patient with myself and trusting in God, and I am so grateful for all of my family and friends who have given me so much support!
I love you guys!

Elder Murdock

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