pilipinas landscape

pilipinas landscape

Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 20- All times, All things, All places

Hey everyone!

This week was AWESOME!!!! We are working really hard and have been doing all we can to help reach our mission goal of 1650 souls baptized by the end of the year. We will have two baptisms this week and 5 next! It definitely is harvest time! Everyday I am thanking the Lord for all of the little miracles that happen everyday. I have a firm testimony that this is His work, and that he definitely is involved. We have been fasting and praying for our investigators like crazy and it has made all the difference. Another cool change we are doing is the Follow 200 plan that our mission president has started. It basically is for us to focus our work on two specific areas and make daily visits to our investigators to better track their progression it is really cool to see the difference.
As always, my job as a missionary is to testify of Christ, but this week I had too unusual experiences that both tried and strengthen my faith. The first one was a with a member. This man is a very influential, smart, and rich man. He is also the cousin of my first baptism. We were at his house to teach his nephew. While we were waiting for his nephew, this man started talking badly about the Stake leaders and American senior couples in this area and saying things that he really shouldn't.  I was really uncomfortable but decided to stand up for what was right and respectfully told him to stop. He got really angry and started yelling at us and told us to leave his house. It was really a sad situation. I really felt bad for this man. It makes me sad to see pride and anger ruin such a good man. After this encounter I felt the spirit reassure to me that I did the right thing even though it ended so badly. The other experiences was with a group of humanitarians from the UK. I OYMed (open your mouth) them and they were really friendly. I asked them about there religious beliefs and most of them said that they did not believe in God. I shared my testimony of the reality of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. It was amazing I felt like Abinadi and I felt filled with the Holy Ghost. After I briefly shared my testimony, one of them said that he would pray that night and ask God if he really was there. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a witness of Jesus Christ.
I know that all of us have that responsibility to be a witness of God at all times, all thing and all places. Let us do that! Let us have courage and do what we know is right even when it is terrifying, Let us not be afraid to stand for truth and righteousness. I know that as we stand for what is right we are never alone, Jesus Christ is standing there right with us. I know that God lives! I know that Jesus is the Christ and that these are the last days in which he will gather Israel! Let us be apart of this great work. The train is leaving if we are on board or not! I know that we can make a difference if we seek treasures in heaven first in life. I know that what I am doing here sa Ang Pinas  is the work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I pray for you and love all! Email me for specifics. :)


The Lapus Family, my investigators who are getting baptized next week:)

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