pilipinas landscape

pilipinas landscape

Monday, September 1, 2014

WEEK 9 Weird food, Exchanges and the Rice Bucket Challenge


This week has been a challenge and been full of meeting more of the members and investigators here in Cabiao. On Thurday, I went on an exchange with Elder Slavania a really cool Filipino elder who has a solid testimony. We went to his area that only has about 20 members. They don't even have a branch yet, a very new area! We taught a less active who got baptized 30 plus years ago, all about the word of wisdom. It was really cool to see the spirit in the room as I changed them to stop selling cigarettes in their Tindahan. I am so grateful for that power that comes with the spirit.
At the end of the day we ate Balot! hahaha, yes I tried balot this week. MMMMM! It actually is pretty good. Balot is a old duck egg with a fetus inside, here are some pictures.
Me and my companion have been working really hard to find new investigators to teach and have been focusing on doing open your mouth. (OYM) These are simple street contacts in which we share the gospel to strangers around us. I am learning that if we are prepared and willing, those opportunities will come to us. The most challenging thing for me is the language. It is so hard for me to adapt to the different culture and what is acceptable here. People litter constantly and garbage is everywhere, it is really sad and boy do these people need to see Dr. Murdock! :)
I know that we all can OYM. All we have to do is be willing and have faith that God will bless us and gives us the words to say in the moment we open our mouths. We must be willing to be his instrument!
Our ward has been working on hard at emergency preparedness and have come up with a Rice bucket challenge. (named after the ALC Ice bucket challenge) Each day members are encouraged to put one cup of rice per member of the family into a bucket as food storage in case of a typhoon. I think it is so cool that the efforts of the church are the same wherever you go!
Everyday I wake up and remind myself that each day is a gift from God. And that one of these days, I am going to wake up and be in Utah and look back on my experiences. I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve. The most rewarding thing about missionary work is seeing people change. I am so excited to see this change in people in the months to come! I challenge you all to OYM this week and know that you will be blessed in your efforts and courage!
You have a great week and remember your favorite missionary in Ang Philippines!


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